pbx app for android

connect to pbx app for android


pbx app for android  with (Asterisk Connect)

With our Asterisk connect ” pbx app for android ” software you can connect your phone to your PBX voip asterisk .

Basic Features

pbx app for android (Asterisk Connect)


Avoid SIP usage restriction and bandwith problems using CallBack options.


Automatic swith-over to DISA (Call-Trought) when you lost you wifi or 3G access.

BLF and DevState

Check the status of your corporate extensions and see if your colleges are free. You can even use chansply or whisper on authorized extensions.


Integrate with your firewall using PortKnocking or included client for free dinamic DNS Services (DynDNS or non-ip).

Admin PBX

Protected Access to Asterisk AMI interface for advanced admin options. Send AMI or CLI comands remotely to control your PBX, restart it remotely, or monitor peer connections!

My Extension

Implement Call-Forwarding or Follow-me for your extension. Pickup your corporate extension at your mobile!

Corporate Edition Features

Gateway Mode

Avoid opening firewall ports to public IPs using our Corporate Gateway Service.


Do you need to Manage your CallCenter features? Control your Queues usage. Realtime control of Calls & queues. Login & Logoff Agents remotely.

Desktop & Web Access

Access remotely to your Web Panel, change your options, and use a integrated web phone to access your extension.

Administrative Provisioning Option

Send configuration directly to mobile devices. Enable / Disable feautures avaiable to users.

Advanced & Customized options

Interact with Asterisk DB to implement your own advanced feautures (Out Of Office IVRs, Holidays, Emergency Numbers, …).


Free Asterik Connect for android

Try for free Asterisk Connect Coporate Edition.


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